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About Us

<a href="" data-uw-styling-context="true">QC Kinetix</a><span> is the place to go when you've been told invasive surgery is your only option, or after you've tried everything to eliminate the pain and immobility of your condition without success. With </span><a href="" data-uw-styling-context="true">multiple locations</a><span> throughout the United States, we provide comprehensive regenerative medicine injection treatments. With such a wide array of natural biologic medical treatments available, we make sure to discuss all the therapeutic options with each of our patients.  While not all patients may be candidates for all therapies, we will help guide you to make the most appropriate decisions for your particular condition. We treat everyone from weekend warriors and professional athletes to active aging patients who want to stay active. Our </span><a href="" data-uw-styling-context="true">local medical providers</a><span> have extensive experience with regenerative medicine therapies and don't just mask your symptoms - we are dedicated to maximizing your body's ability to help heal and repair itself from the inside out for vastly improved function and overall quality of life.</span>
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CBD Products

Please Verify that you are 18 years of age or older before you purchase CBD products

CBD Products

Please verify that you are 18 years of age or older before you purchase CBD products.


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